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Dec 31 2022 – End of year Scrum master chronicles : Agile implementations

Alas, we are reaching the end of 2022 in a matter of days 🙂 Here in this last post of my 2022 scrum master experience, I would like to thank all my fellow readers and wishing everyone a Happy New Year in advance and may your new year resolutions be made real. Going back through […]

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Chronicles of a Scrum master #9 : Communication and Collaboration

Communication is one of the most important practices needed in a agile team regardless of whichever framework (Scrum, SaFE, Spotify). The key to communication is the reason why there are several events such as sprint planning, backlog grooming and daily stand ups. Collaboration within a scrum team is also essential to ensure that there is […]

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July 2022
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July 2022 Blog

July marks the second half of the year. A recap from first half of the year : Started my doctorate journey (DBA) with Unitar International University and completed my first semester. You can read more about it here. Net MAUI General Availability (GA) was released after many months and I am now attempting to learn […]

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Chronicles of a Scrum master #7 : Testing and defects

Testing in an agile context refers to a team of Quality Assurance (QA) team of tester(s) who perform rigorous and meticulous examination, assessment and verification of each of the completed developed functionalities against the story’s acceptance criteria, which is usually defined by the Product Owner (PO). It will require the tester to have knowledge of […]

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Chronicles of a Scrum master #5 : User stories

User stories are the essence of a sprint and are the fundamental building blocks that determines the deliverables and releases of a product. A basic user story should consist of the following : Title Description Acceptance criteria Story points Scrum tasks Status For example, the stories for a mobile calendar app to list all public […]

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Chronicles of a Scrum master #1 : The beginning

In the beginning My journey as a scrum master began in the month of November 2020. Having successfully completed and delivered a project on a sales and operational planning system, that same system was earmarked to transition to a product that will be the first agile implementation in my organization. The learning curve was more […]

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Sept 2021 Post

All about Sept events and learnings on my life long journey in my latest blog post 🙂

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