July 2022 Blog

July 2022

July marks the second half of the year. A recap from first half of the year :

Started my doctorate journey (DBA) with Unitar International University and completed my first semester. You can read more about it here.

Net MAUI General Availability (GA) was released after many months and I am now attempting to learn the basics (though the preview was out for some time now) and write a few blog posts regarding .Net MAUI. Stay tuned for this blog posts coming soon.

Learning more about scrum mastering and finally going to go for certification (PSM1). Time to prepare for the exam …. Hurrah !

Finally got my food blog post out. After a revamp of my site for 2 years and moving to a different platform, I have got my first food blog post in my new site. Yay !!
Check it out here for June :

Food blog : Yeast (@ Sunway Pyramid Hotel lobby)

Food blog : Lil’ Bird & The Big Bear Cafe (@ USJ 10, Taipan)

Agile Scrum master

Chronicles of a Scrum master #20 : The end of a journey and the start of another

Being a scrum master for the past few years, I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to guide, educate and motivate several product teams. This has allowed me to be a better servant leader. In my previous journey, as a first time line manager with direct reports, there were long hours and many […]

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Agile Scrum master

Chronicles of a Scrum master #19 : User stories guide to better development and further refinement

In the world of agile, requirements come in the form of user stories and it is important to understand that the details contained in the stories are needed to absolute clarity for anyone who is going to be working to get this stories done. Consequently, here are several practices which can be adapted to organizations […]

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Agile Scrum master

Chronicles of a Scrum master #18 : Measuring agile

Agile development is fundamentally about the delivery of value to customer via a iterative and incremental process. This value can be a perceived or tangible value, depending on what the end goal is. Hence, in order to measure the success of an Agile project or product, it is imperative to establish the objectives and end […]

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