Chronicles of a Scrum master #2 : Agile Project vs Product

Agile project vs agile product

Welcome everyone to my second article on my exploits as a full time scrum master and my transition from a project manager to scrum master.

Just a bit of background on myself..
I have been privileged to be a project manager for waterfall to Agile and then to a full time scrum master now for 3 products.

To sum it up, this is me before and after 🙂

Fixed mindset
Agile mindset

The journey for me has been mind boggling, perplexing and sometimes confusing. Transitioning from work that is static to dynamic nature will require your patience and adaptability skills. 

However, do not despair. The main thing to note is that when organizations decide to adopt agile, that mindset cannot be exclusively restricted or practiced by a select group of individuals (called the scrum team).

To provide an illustration, please find the diagram below (courtesy of >

That mindset will eventually need to be adopted and practiced by everyone in the organization so they understand what are the benefits, challenges and limitations faced by the product team.

Refer to the following article and you may understand further why this is important :
The product manager and owner is in essence responsible for guiding the business end users to this mindset and continuing to remind the users of this.

The scrum master role is to support the scrum team and the product owner on achieving objectives or target in the release road map. Besides that, he/she plays a sergeant at arms role to dissipate any conflicts, support business while at the same time enable the product team to gain an understanding of the objectives.

For those who are interested to learn more about the differences :


And here is another diagram to illustrate the differences from –>

Source :

There is another behind the scenes important role of product governance team which comprises of the ‘governator’ (phrase made popular by Arnold in his stint as California governor)  and the Agile coach. 

This will be explained in my next blog post so please stay tuned. 

Disclaimer: Please always take my chronicles and any advice or guidance with a pinch of salt. I am experienced but doesn’t necessarily mean tat it is applicable to your work, organization and culture. Let me know if you have any comments below. 

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