January 2022 Blog

January 2022

Welcome to January 2022 !!

Due to the Covid pandemic, the year end celebrations were definitely muted and not so exciting as previous years.

Natural disasters such as land slide and heavy floods were aplenty and is still happening in the first week of Jan. My sincere wishes to those who were affected by the recent floods.

In 2022, my wish and resolution is to work on the following :

  1. Release of mobile app to Android Play Store
  2. .Net MAUI, Xamarin
  3. AI apps and Intelligent Automation (RPA + AI)
  4. Healthier self
  5. Engage in extra curricular activities (archery, sports etc)
  6. Certifications
  7. Finish book series (Game of Thrones)
  8. Train and mentor more people

Anyway, hope you have made your new year resolutions and wishes. See you in my next post 🙂

Happy new year
Happy new year

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