April 2022 Blog

April 2022

So, April’s Fool has passed and we are in Q2 of the year. What’s been keeping me up awake and working ?

Technical – Flutter

Why Flutter ? I compared React and Flutter with Xamarin and found that I liked Flutter for its prospect and close native functionality. Plus it can be on web, mobile and tablet.

Still going through the tutorials before I embark on a project. Stay tuned 🙂

DBA – Entrepreneurship

Corporate entrepreneurship – the topic of setting up cross functional units of entrepreneurship is an interesting topic. This will spur the innovation and creativity of companies who has been around and in need of a change.

The arrival of Agile, though commendable, is only a tool and not the means to an end towards achieving a full blown agile unit that is capable of delivering results. In order to enable the full potential of Agile, this needs to be coupled with a strong commitment towards establishing an autonomous business team within the organization that embraces the characteristics of an entrepreneur. Bold experimentation, dare to fail and superb creativity and innovative mindset helps to spur the achievement the business desires. The team needs to comprise of representatives from different departments working together as one (Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, IT, Customer service) and it will be as the saying goes … all for one and one for all.

Social enterprise – The emerging and growth of businesses that has a social mission and objective is undeniable. With the planet facing a crisis that is growing in severity, the new business sector comprises of social and environmentally conscious businesses that is not all for profit and to gain sustainable income. Examples in Malaysia include PichaEats, TheAsli.Co, neOOne, MasalaOnWheels, Biji-biji Initiative, Me.reka, KNOTs, DemiLaut and a host of others.

If you are interested, you can attend in one of the many social enterprise gatherings. There will be a few coming soon and I will post the links as soon as I have them.

August 2022
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August 2022 Blog

Malaysia’s Independence Day (known as Merdeka day) is celebrated on August 31 and marks the 65th year of independence. For those who are not aware, this year’s Merdeka theme is Keluarga Malaysia Teguh Bersama (Google translated as Malaysian Family Strong Together). You can read more about this theme in https://www.permohonan.my/tema-hari-kebangsaan-malaysia/ For past themes, check out […]

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Chronicles of a Scrum master #9 : Communication and Collaboration

Communication is one of the most important practices needed in a agile team regardless of whichever framework (Scrum, SaFE, Spotify). The key to communication is the reason why there are several events such as sprint planning, backlog grooming and daily stand ups. Collaboration within a scrum team is also essential to ensure that there is […]

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Agile Life and career skills Scrum master Tech and me

Chronicles of a Scrum master #8 : Epics and Release management

What are epics in an agile context ? Epics group or categorize stories into release features. It plays an important role in the organization and release of features for the product. For example, an Epic of “Login based on country” can use to group stories as following : Develop splash page with login User ID […]

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