March 2022 Blog

March 2022

March .. the end of Q1 has arrived.

A major notable event is the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent impact to the world economy which was already battered by the presence of Covid for the past 2 years.

Could it be a question of greed or unsatisfied ego or just pure show off of might ? This will be one of the many wonderings for historians in the years to come.

This would be the first real war and invasion fought between two countries ever since probably World War 2.

ukraine vs russia

The Next Learning Journey ….

On another note, I have decided to take another journey of learning in my expanding education, the doctor of business admin with Unitar.

After contemplating for some time and deciding that Unitar offered the most convenient course for a part timer like me (fully online), I embarked on this journey and hoping to meet and make new friends along the way.

So, please stay tuned for a chronicle of my journey through DBA 🙂

Agile Life and career skills

Chronicles of a Scrum master #7 : Testing and defects

Testing in an agile context refers to a team of Quality Assurance (QA) team of tester(s) who perform rigorous and meticulous examination, assessment and verification of each of the completed developed functionalities against the story’s acceptance criteria, which is usually defined by the Product Owner (PO). It will require the tester to have knowledge of […]

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May 2022
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May 2022 Blog

May is a month of holidays in Malaysia. Starting with Labour Day on May 1st and 2nd and followed by Hari Raya holidays on May 3 – 4 and lastly with Wesak Day on May 16. May also sees the end of many pandemic restrictions indoors, outdoors and schools. People are no longer required to […]

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story points
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Chronicles of a Scrum master #6 : Story points

What are story points ? Story points are the numbers given in the form of complexity level and usually stated using Fibonacci numbers. The art of story pointing Determining points for a story can be sometimes a daunting task if not done with an experienced team. There maybe often times conflicts and understanding gaps in […]

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