August 2021 Post


So it’s now August 2021, the middle of Q3 2021.

With the current covid pandemic cases increasing further due to the delta variant (19k+ new cases). Furthermore, with turmoil in the local politics scene, there are lots of worries on how the nation will be affected by the time we reach end of Sept.

Anyway here is what I have been doing so far..

Agile Skills

Being a full time scrum master now for products bears with it a certain responsibility. Assessing, guiding and sometimes reminding the scrum team on situations that is unprecedented presents itself some challenges that needs to be addressed. Below is some of it

  1. Timeliness – compared to traditional waterfall, there is no time limit on a particular task or user story. Hence, getting the job done is really dependent on the person accountable for it. Attitude, skills, discipline all plays a factor here.

    Scrum master : to remind the team of certain time factor dependencies and ensure release is on time.
  2. Cohesiveness – The scrum team has to have the best interests of product in mind and be aligned with the product owner at all times and vice versa.

    Scrum master : to ensure there is a common understanding among team members for the same objective in mind.

Technical Skills

Xamarin – Android Publishing (first time)

Its quite a pain setting up and publishing an Android app for the first time via the Google Play console. Currently I have created an internal release for testing and waiting for close to 7 days for it to be reviewed.

I guess with the current situation, a lot of apps are being published daily hence causing the painfully long time in the reviews being completed.

Will be publishing a guide on this process as soon as the app is approved and continue updating it from time to time.

Azure DevOps

I have finished most of the MS Learn modules and its been fun. The e-learning has been mostly easy. However, I believe the actual task of creating and maintaining the pipelines required for any application is quite daunting and can be mundane sometimes.

I will be trying this out on one of my applications soon and check out to see how it goes. Expect an article from me soon on that ๐Ÿ™‚

Thatโ€™s all for this month. Do continue reading my blog for more articles and thank you for reading.

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