Xmas Over, New Year approaches


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On mOnday morning at 1 am, I was still awake thinking about what an eventful year it has been.

While working on a presentation, I thought of a poem .. here is how it goes ..

All in all, I had a so so year with the usual ups and downs. None more significant than taking a user managerial role overlooking several key systems in customer service. The experience thus far has been rather enriched, adding to my skills and knowledge. Every organization has its own hierarchy and culture. It boils down basically to the people you manage. I am lucky and happy that the people I work with are hard-working and committed to their jobs. As someone once told me, whatever and however you work as, ensure the knowledge gained is a boon and an asset to you.

This is so much true in the corporate world. Lots of things to learn and engagements to fulfill. It's been a somewhat smooth ride so far, remains to be seen what the new year will bring. But I would say this, itz going to be a rockingly exciting one in terms of working towards goals and ambition :)

Alright, enough of my ramblings i say ... here are some pics from the Xmas decorations in shopping malls .. enjoy and Happy Belated Xmas and a Happy New Year to everyone :)


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