Happy New Year 2021 Featured

Happy new year and a glorious day to you !

Hello everyone to my new blog. Its been a few months since i last post my blog.

1. What have i accomplished last year ?

1. Started running 3 days a week
2. Invested in robo-advisor
3. Got a gaming laptop and playing new games
4. Joined Reddit

1. Completed version 1 of my Xamarin Public Holidays app. Currently in final stages of testing
2. Learnt machine learning and how to do prepare training data, work on features and more using Python, Anaconda and Spyder
3. Learnt how to create a website in React
4. Learnt how to create SPFX web part

2. What have i been up to ? Well, plenty to say the least.

1. Researching and investing on other passive income opportunity

1. Revamping current chatbot used to support my current department and IT
2. Learning ML.net, Blazor
3. Learning Xamarin UI design

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