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One of the best and growing uses for consoles is surprisingly not in the areas of games but the use of voice and motion detection that was birthed from these technologies to reuse in other fields of application. This includes healthcare, computer technology as well as remote control.


In this respect, Microsoft's Kinect has been a roaring success in this field ever since it was launched as a companion for the console Xbox 360. However, the use of it grew so popular that there were hacks for it initially by groups determined to use the technology outside of the console. Sales for the recent Black Friday sales topped at 750,000 units (http://www.insidekinect.com/2011/11/kinect-sells-750000-in-one-week.html).



Along with this is the news that the Playstation Move (similar device to Kinect) is reaching sales figures equivalent to the Kinect (http://www.movemodo.com/news/2011/11/move_sales_catching_up_with_kinect). This is a testament to the rise of natural motion detection spearheaded by the games industry but has really useful potential in terms of future roadmap.


The possibilities are endless. For example. this technology could be used with household appliances, healthcare, transportation etc.... Credit must be given to Microsoft for their bold move to introduce this technology to the computing world officially and at last. Although there were releases of the Kinect SDK to the public, any development done is not open to commercialization. However, Microsoft has announced in 2012 will be releasing the Kinect for Windows including revamped hardware and firmware.


Also, Microsoft has also devised an entire ecosystem that rides on the UI being motion driven, starting with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7. For some of the projects that could be done with Kinect, head on over to Coding4Fun's gallery at http://channel9.msdn.com/coding4fun/kinect/

Simply said. .. that's the future that will be 2012 :)



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