29th Dec - Historic Malaysian Win


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29th Dec 2010 marks a historic moment for Malaysian football in 14 years as the
Tigers won match and fans alike. I watched the highlights of the game and
the quality of football within this team has improved compared to previous teams.


The coach, Rajagobal has done a brilliant job of nurturing and coaching this
young team into a fighting, winning and cohesive one mind, one play mindset.


It brings to mind if this team would be able to play in the international stage
and qualify for the World Cup, to compete against other top European
and African will be a dream come true for this team.


However, stamina and strength has always been a boon for European
and African teams and our team will definitely need to train relentlessly,
covering each n every move in the playbook n working better n better as a team.


The penalty-saving Malaysian goalkeeper, Fahmi was a true hero in the
2nd leg of the final, producing a save which has garnered him multitude
of fans in Facebook and Twitter alike.


Truely, a wonderful time for Malaysia as we move on towards the
international stage. Congratulations again to the Malaysian team and
keep up the good work :)


By the way, tomorrow 31st Dec has been declared a public holiday
for Malaysia .. woohooo .. now, if  they can win more ..
Malaysians can have more holidays !! :P


For videos, visit the following links :


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