Jason Biggs (American Pie) vs Matthew Perry (Friends)


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This year has seen a revival of sit-com series, some funny some not. The stars of this show are the ones who was popular in yester-years i.e. 90s. The two series that I have chanced upon is Mad Love, a rom-com about relationships between  2 buddies and 2 gals. The show stars Jason Bigg (American Pie), Tyler Labine (Reaper), Sarah Chalke and Judy Greer ...
The series starts off slow with 'fate' happening upon 2 individuals (Ben & Kate) falls in love and drags their two best friends (Connie & Larry) into clash with each others. No one knows what will happen next with the two bickering male-female best friends but the outright vehemence and trading of insults might eventually result to something interesting ... anyway, we wouldn't the ending until we reach the season finale ya :)
Cast :
Jason Biggs ... Ben Parr
Sarah Chalke ... Kate Swanson
Judy Greer ... Connie Grabowski
Tyler Labine ... Larry Munsch
Kevin Ketcham ... Monroes Bartender
Sarah Wright  ... Tiffany
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madlove03 madlove04 madlove05
madlove01 madlove06 madlove07

On another side of the funny world, there is Mr. Sunshine .. played by none other than Mathew Perry who got famous by playing Chandler Bing, the funny guy in the hit TV series, Friends. The show, if i remember right ended in 2004 with a few of the casts trying to make a comeback in their own solo tv series. One of them was Matt Leblanc's show, Joey. It managed to survive 2 years before going off air. Hope Mr. Sunshine will last longer.


Anyway, back to the storyline. The basic plot is about a Mr. Ben Donovan operations manager of the Sunshine Center in San Diego. Basically the Sunshine Center is an event center hosting various shows such as Lingerie Football ;) and Smurfs on Ice.
sunshine06 sunshine07

The plot centres around his working and personal relationships with people around him such as

1. Crystal Cohen, his boss
2. Alice, colleague-with-benefits
3. Alonzo Pope, co-worker, competitor and Alice's boyfriend
4. Roman Cohen, his boss's son who's not so bright but makes it up for his 'innocence'
5. Heather, Ben's supposedly murderous assistant
sunshine03 sunshine04 sunshine08

The rest of the season moves along at a slow pace, mostly centering on Ben's antics and patience in handling the daily operations of the Sunshine Center, putting up with his rather eccentric boss, Crystal and his colleagues cum couple Alice & Alonzo work n personal relationship. As it is a comedy, most of it comes from Matthew Perry and Andrea Anders (surprisingly, first appearance to me was in the series Joey). It might not be impossible if these two become a couple at the end of the season.

Cast :
Matthew Perry ... Ben Donovan
Andrea Anders ... Alice
James Lesure  ... Alonzo
Nate Torrence ... Roman Cohen
Allison Janney ... Crystal Cohen
Portia Doubleday ... Heather
David Pressman ... Mascot


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, here's my rating ..

6/10 for Mad Love - for the age-old rom-com storyline of 2 best friends falling in love with the women of their dreams. Leaves some suspense to eagerly await the end of the season.

5/10 for Mr. Sunshine - for self-absorbing tale of a tv character, that basically revolves around his own world (somewhat just like Joey).

Winner : Mad Love .. ya, i would continue watching this anytime over Mr. Sunshine :)

Hot TV Series Review : Blue Bloods


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My first impression of this series was ... hmmm . .another typical cop series. Well, suffice to say after watching the recent episodes, it has changed my mind.

While it's a cop story, it's also a family and intriguing tv drama which captures the essence of a police family. At the top is the head of the family, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) who does a brilliant potrayal of the NYPD police commissioner. Another star of the show is Danny Reagan, (Donnie Wahlberg) who always seems to land the hot cases in the New York district. Danny has a wife, Linda and 2 boys.

Next is Erin Reagan, who's a hotshot tough asst district attorney whose beauty and charm belies a intelligent and deep character. Erin has a daughter named Nikki. Last but not least is Henry Reagan, the grandfather of the household (who was also the ex-police commissioner).

Although every episode has its focus on the typical detective plot, there's also some sub-plots regarding a group of police secret society named the Blue Templar who are connected to the death of one of the Reagan brothers, Joe Reagan.





And one common unmistakable setting for all episodes so far is the ever engagin family dinner and the conversations that occurs between each member of the family. Every dinner brings a different topic to the table, discussing about various issues such as police corruption and the misuse of district attorney's powers.


It's a mesh of family plus cop plus mystery society all rolled up in one story. What's more important is the strong potrayals of Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan in their respective roles.Truth be told, I have not seen Tom Selleck in such a good character since the days of Magnum P.I. Highly recommended for those who are fans of TV detective series.


Main cast

- Tom Selleck as Francis "Frank" Reagan, Police Commissioner and father of Danny, Erin, and Jamie.
- Donnie Wahlberg as Daniel "Danny" Reagan, Detective
- Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan-Boyle, Assistant District Attorney
- Will Estes as Jamison "Jamie" Reagan, rookie Police Officer
- Len Cariou as Henry Reagan, retired Police Commissioner and father of Frank
- Jennifer Esposito as Jackie Curatola, Danny's new partner.

Rating : 8 / 10 for great character potrayals, emerging issues discussion, and mystery plotline.

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