2012 TV Series Review - Revolution


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Published Date Written by Jason Loo


Revolution is a new TV series produced by J.J Abrams (Alias, Lost, Alcatraz, Person of Interest) and directed by Jon Favreau. The premise of the show starts 15 years after a mysterious phenomenon caused everything powered by electricity to stop working.

Naturally, society had to adapt to a world without technology and forces a de-evolution of human society to pre-electricity times e.g. farming & local militias.

In the middle of this is the Matheson family, headed by father Ben Matheson (Tim Guinee) and wife Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell). 

Together they have two children namely Charlotte "Charlie" & Danny Matheson. The Matheson family posseses a key that can turn on the electiricy and therefore allows the bearer to gain control of equipment.

revolution08 revolution07

In the case of the Monroe Republic where the Mathesons live, the warlord is Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons) who we later learn is a friend of Miles Matheson (brother of Ben). In the begining episode of the season, Ben is murdered by the local militia led by Capt. John Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) and Danny is captured and sent back to Philedelphia, homeland of the Monroe Republic.

revolution02 revolution03

Charlie, upon her father's instructions, proceeds to search for her uncle, Miles. She manages to do so together with the help of Maggie Foster, who is intimate with Ben and Aaron Pittman, Ben's friend. Along the way, she chances upon Nate Walker who later turns out to be Militia spy tasked to hunt down Miles.


As the show goes on, the group links up with rebels and friends along the way. More importantly, Miles Matheson knows Sebastian Monroe personally. I do not want to spoil the rest of the story so just go watch it ..   

revolution05 revolution06

Although some of the characters are boring but the series exhibits promise so stay tuned for more ..

Rating : 7 / 10 for an interesting storyline, lack of character development hampers the progress but is saved by several individual characters.


Main cast

Billy Burke as Miles MathesonTracy Spiridakos as Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson
Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson
Graham Rogers as Danny Matheson
Zak Orth as Aaron Pittman
Daniella Alonso as Nora Clayton
Giancarlo Esposito as Captain/Major Tom Neville
J. D. Pardo as Lieutenant Jason Neville
David Lyons as Sebastian "Bass" Monroe
Tim Guinee as Ben Matheson
Anna Lise Phillips as Maggie Foster




2012 TV Series Review - Go On


Category: TV Series
Published Date Written by Jason Loo


Honestly, I have been hoping to capture Matthew Perry at his best since after Friends (as Chandler Bing .. an unforgettable name). However, the series that he has acted in (and movies ? i think) hasn't been as successful as the hit tv series. 

Go On represents another of his attempt to recapture that essence that made him ..well ... Chandler Bing. Does he succeed ?


To a certain extent, the episodes so far have not been really engaging but critics have deemed it favorable watching. Anyway, the premise of this series is about his character, Ryan King who is a successful sportscaster who recently lost his wife and joins a therapy group led by Lauren Bennett (played by lovely Laura Benanti). The story revolves around Ryan's life at the group sessions and the rest of his group members.


It attempts to focus on the emotional quotient in the relationships between the members in this group and some comedic relief provided by Ryan as the funny guy while Lauren provides the serious counselling. Most of the episodes are similar so I would not say there is much engaging storyline.

Overall rating is 5 / 10 .. this could be a half-half chance for Matthew Perry to be back in the spotlight but the scripting and acting is letdown by too much focus on the emotional side rather than the comedy.


Main cast

Matthew Perry as Ryan King, a sportscaster who joins a support group while trying to move on from his late wife's death.
Laura Benanti as Lauren Bennett, the group leader with limited training.
Julie White as Anne, a lesbian lawyer coping with the death of her partner, and stuck in the "anger" stage of grief.
Suzy Nakamura as Yolanda, whose fiancee left her, and who feels that everything is "too sexual", including jazz and cats that continue to rub against her.
Tyler James Williams as Owen Lewis, whose brother is in a coma following a skiing accident.
Brett Gelman as "Mr K.", a mysterious member coping with grief that the others are too afraid to ask him about.
John Cho as Steven, Ryan's boss and best friend, who forces him to seek counselling.

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