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For sci-fi fans and those who watched the original movie starring Tom Cruise, this is a series that has been long been anticipated (since 2002 to be exact).
This series doesn't have Tom Cruise of course, but the similarities to the movie is aplenty. The CGI effects depicting future technology as well interactions between people and gadgets in the future is reminiscent of the movie.

The storyline though is a bit shallow, set some time after the events in the movie. The series pilot begins with flashbacks of twin brothers (Arthur and Dash) and an older sister (Agatha) who are placed in a liquid chamber and attached with electrodes. They are the Precogs from the Precrime unit who can 'see' future killers and prevent them from killing. 

The unit was eventually shut down and the siblings are released. The series jumps to the present, which is set several years after the release of the Precogs.
Laura Vega (Meagan Good) is a cop who stumbles upon Dash and together, they are determined to prevent killers from striking. To add more drama along the way, we are introduced to Agatha and her secret agenda, Vega with her family's background and the twin brothers constant bickering.
All in all, the series is interesting but there is not enough depth to the characters. There is a villain and a side story every episode but just enough to keep from becoming bored.
Rating : 5 / 10 - technological gadgets and a storyline that does not differ too much from the film helps keep it interesting. Will need to assess how this series fares in the long run.
Meagan Good     ...     Lara Vega
Stark Sands     ...     Dash
Nick Zano     ...     Arthur
Daniel London     ...     Wally the Caretaker
Laura Regan     ...     Agatha
Li Jun Li     ...     Akeela
Wilmer Valderrama...     Will Blake
Jennifer Cheon     ...     Andromeda
Reed Diamond     ...     Henry Blomfeld
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