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Fresh Off The Boat stars Randall Park as Louis, the father in the Huang family who consists of wife Jessica (Constance Wu), Eddie (Hudson Yang), Emery (Forrest Wheeler), Evan (Ian Chen) and Grandma Huang (Lucille Soong).
At the start of the pilot episode, the time period is 1995 and it chronicles the journey of the family from Washington to Orlando where daddy Huang wants to focus on his Western Old West themed restaurant called the Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse.
The narrator in the episodes is voiced by the young Eddie Huang who is a fan of hip-hop and gangsta' rap. He narrates of his growing up stage somewhat akin to 80s show The Wonder Years.
As the season progresses, we get to revel at the family's culture, and enjoy some of the funny moments in that family's life e.g. how daddy Huang runs the Cattleman's Ranch and how momma Huang tries to save up every penny for the family. Eddie is the eldest son and brother to Emery (who's quite a playboy) and Evan who's the youngest and smart. Grandma Huang does not have much dialogue and most of the time she speaks Chinese.

There's also the funny moments between the Huangs with the Cattleman's employees, neighbours and relatives.

All in all, this show has potential to be a multi-season TV series as we see the family ages and grows up. 
Watchability : 7 / 10

Cast :
Randall Park     ...     Louis Huang
Constance Wu     ...     Jessica Huang
Hudson Yang     ...     Eddie Huang
Forrest Wheeler     ...     Emery Huang
Ian Chen          ...     Evan Huang
Eddie Huang     ...     Narrator
Lucille Soong     ...     Grandma Huang
Paul Scheer     ...     Mitch
Jillian Armenante     ...     Nancy
Trevor Larcom     ...     Trent
Prophet Bolden     ...     Walter
Evan Hannemann     ...     Barefoot Dave
Chelsey Crisp     ...     Honey
Luna Blaise     ...     Nicole
Brady Tutton     ...     Brock
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