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Some of you may have read of Constantine in the DC Comics and some of you watched the movie starring Keanu Reeves.

To keep it short and simple, Constantine (Matt Ryan) is a mish mash of scary horror films rolled into one tv series. The first episode reminded me of The Exorcist. And then came the angels (Manny, played by Harold Perrineau) and clairvoyants (Zed Martin, played by Lucy Griffiths). Tagging along with him in his demon-hunting and vanquish quests is his best friend, Chas who possesses more lives than a few cats combined.

Together, they form the team that hunts demons across the globe and there are many incantations and references to witchcraft, sorcery and a host of other dark arts (hence that's why Constantine's card refers to himself as "dabbling master of dark arts".

All in all, the season one series is interesting but does not achieve its full potential. Matt Ryan is the saving grace as the part of Constantine is played well by him.
Watchability : 5 / 10 - Hoping that season 2 will be better.
Cast :
Matt Ryan     ...     John Constantine
Harold Perrineau     ...     Manny
Angélica Celaya     ...     Zed Martin
Charles Halford     ...     Chas Chandler
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