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12 Monkeys
 is an interesting series with another familiar theme, time travel. Heck, the series is actually based on an adaptation of the similarly named movie starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt.
This time around, the main star is actor Aaron Stanford, last seen playing the nerd in Nikita. Stanford plays James Cole, the only one who can travel between time.

The premise of the storyline is that in 2043, the Earth's population is hugely decimated due to a plague released in 2017. The remainder has become either savages or local clans. The only exception is the time travel facility where Cole and his pal, Ramse is staying together with the head scientist, Jones.
When Cole is sent back to 2013, he meets Dr. Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull) who may know the actual supposedly creator of the plague, Leland Frost. 

Cole finds Leland and kills him but finds out that its not over. The story stretches on to Leland's daughter to The Pallid Man and the organization, Army of the Twelve Monkeys.

I do like this series but the issue is that the timeline travel between 2013  -2017 and 2043 can be confusing at times. It would be great if one episode focused on one timeline and the next episode another one, rather than combining all into each episode.
Watchabilty : 5  /10 - can be confusing watching at times.






The Pallid Man



Cast :
Aaron Stanford     ...     James Cole
Barbara Sukowa     ...     Katrina Jones / ...
Amanda Schull     ...     Dr. Cassandra Railly
Kirk Acevedo     ...     Ramse / ...
Noah Bean     ...     Aaron Marker
Demore Barnes     ...     Whitley
Emily Hampshire     ...     Jennifer Goines
Murray Furrow     ...     Dr. Lasky
Alisen Down     ...     Striking Woman
Tom Noonan     ...     Pallid Man 
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