2014 TV Review - Gang-Related


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Published Date Written by Jason Loo

Gangsterism and drugs are rampant on the streets of Los Angeles. To counter this threat, a Gang Task Force (GTF) was set up, headed by Sam Chapel (Terry O'Quinn, best known for his role in Lost).
Among the task force members are Detective Ryan Lopez (Ramon Rodriguez) who is revealed to be one of the members of La Familia Los Angelicos. He was recruited as a child, taken care by Javier Acosta (Cliff Curtis) and sent to the military and eventually the police force.

Although his involvement is revealed early in the first episode of Gang-Related, this is what makes the series interesting to watch as the entire plot of the first season revolves around Ryan Lopez and how he deals with family, love and betrayal.

The other GTF members comprises of Lopez's current partner, Cassius Green (RZA), Tae Kim (Sung Kang) and Veronica 'Vee' Dotsen (inbar Lavi). We are also introduced briefly to Lopez's ex-now-dead partner, James Tanner (Ross Thomas) who was killed by Carlos Acosta. There's also the friendship between Lopez and Daniel Acosta. Both Carlos and Daniel are the sons of Javier Acosta.

There is plenty of violence, deceptions and manipulations throughout the series, but it is not too gory or graphically violent. The action not only revolves around the L.A. scene but also eventually moves to Mexico and the Mexican cartel.

In terms of acting, there are plenty of veteran actors and actresses to move the series along including RZA and Sung Kang who have transitioned from movie roles to the small screen.
Overall, the series is an engaging 13 episode must-watch :)
Watchability : 7 / 10

Cast :
Ramon Rodriguez     ...     Ryan Lopez
Jay Hernandez     ...     Daniel Acosta
RZA          ...     Cassius Green
Sung Kang     ...     Tae Kim
Inbar Lavi     ...     Veronica 'Vee' Dotsen
Reynaldo Gallegos     ...     Carlos Acosta
Shantel VanSanten     ...     Jessica Chapel
Cliff Curtis     ...     Javier Acosta
Terry O'Quinn     ...     Sam Chapel
Emilio Rivera     ...     Tio Gordo
Jay Karnes     ...     Paul Carter
Lela Loren     ...     Silvia
Catherine Dent     ...     D.A. Ellis 
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