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Almost missed this series last year and decided to watch it after finding out Kristin Kreuk is one of the star actresses in this show. For those who do not know, Kristin most prominently featured as Lois Lane in the tv series, Smallville. After watching her in Smallville, i always wondered if she would survive without Superboy shadowing her. Well, as you might have guessed from the name of this series, there's another Superboy-like character called the Beast aka Vincent Keller (played by Jay Ryan).


However, in this series, she boasts of a more powerful character (Catherine Chandler) and is the main emotional driver in the relationship between her and Vincent (unlike Clark Kent and Lois Lane).

So, back to the premise of the story... there was once a beauty who found herself lost in the domain of a powerful being whose appearance appeared beastly ... oops, that's the FAIRY TALE.

This new TV series starts off with Catherine Chandler being a teenager and her mom picking her up from work. However, due to 'unfortunate' events, her mom is shot dead in front of her and she is forced to escape into the woods. She is almost killed but is saved from the 'beast'.


Circa nine years later, Catherine turns out to be a very good detective with a partner, Tess Vargas (Nina Lisandrello). Together they form the Special Cases squad together with their lieutenant, Joe Bishop (Brian White). After investigating a case, Catherine discovers the Beast is Vincent Keller. Muirfield was the organization that created the Beast in a classic American super soldier experiment gone wrong (familiar story ?). Together they try to find out who killed Catherine's mother. Along the way, they fall in love with each other and after a few episodes of mishaps and denials, they finally
end up together.


Along the sidelines are Dr. Evan Marks (Max Brown) who's the police medical examiner and lusts after Catherine and eventually joins Muirfiled to hunt down the Beast. JT Forbes (played by Austin Basis) is the best friend of Vincent Keller and who has been secretly hiding him for the last few years. Most recently joining the cast is Gabriel Owen, who plays the assistant district attorney brought in to help Joe Bishop hunt down the Beast after Vincent accidentally kills Joe's brother. A twist in the story suggests that Gabriel Owen has an agenda of his own.

Upping the emotional heat a notch is Alex Salter, former lover of Vincent Keller who turns up later in the season and complicates the relationship between Catherine and Vincent. By the way, did I mention Joe and Tess was having an affair ? .. yea .. talk about complicated relationships...

Ok, that's it. Recommended to watch this series if you were a fan of Smallville and likes to watch Kristin Kreuk in action.

2012 TV Series - Beauty & The Beast




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