2015 Movie Review - Last Knights


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Published Date Written by Jason Loo


I thought .. Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen in a medieval movie .. seems to be a great combination of actors.
Alas, this movie does not provide the ooomph ... zest that follows a great film. The storyline could be brilliant but it's let down by poor dialogue and narration.

There's no issues with Morgan Freeman or Clive Owen, it's just that the conversation is monotonous and isn't impactful.
The plot goes like this ...

Lord Bartok (Morgan Freeman) refuses to succumb to the emperor and his adviser's demand, by placing higher taxes on the local citizens. He is summoned to the capital by the emperor and is escorted by his retainer, Commander Raiden (Clive Owen) of the Seventh Rank.
Before Bartok leaves for the capital, he gives his sword and the guardianship of the kingdom to Raiden. However, once Bartok arrives in the capital, he berates the emperor and fellow noblemen. The adviser, Gezza Mott (Aksel Hennie) 'advises' the emperor (played poorly by Peyman Moaadi) to have Bartok beheaded by Raiden.
Raiden has no choice but to do so after being threatened that Bartok's entire family will be killed if he does agree. Raiden reluctantly performs the act. Afterwards, he could not forgive himself and becomes a drunkard while the rest of his men is disbanded.

One year later, Raiden's men is in the capital doing various odd jobs and reminiscing the old times. Raiden appears fully drunk. All his men disrespects him. Raiden is contiuously tested and watched by Gezza Mott's men to ensure he's not planning to kill Gezza.
However, as the story goes on .. Raiden and his selected loyal men are really plotting to attack Gezza's fortress and kill Gezza Mott. Raiden is aided by an unlikely ally who is very close to Gezza Mott.
In the end, the villain dies and the heroes escaped punishment by death save for one, Commander Raiden.
Watchability : 4 / 10
Cast :
Clive Owen     ...     Raiden
Morgan Freeman     ...     Bartok
Aksel Hennie     ...     Gezza mott
Daniel Adegboyega     ...     Rodrigo
Shohreh Aghdashloo...     Maria
Sung-kee Ahn     ...     Auguste
James Babson     ...     Fat Jim
Pavel Bezdek     ...     Goon
Dan Brown     ...     Thomas
Giorgio Caputo     ...     Slim Tully
Brian Caspe     ...     Spy 1
Rose Caton     ...     Lilly
Kevin Clarke     ...     Nobleman (Sc. 72)
Chris Consilvio     ...     Nobleman 1
Cliff Curtis     ...     Lt. Cortez
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2015 Movie Review - Focus


Category: Movies
Published Date Written by Jason Loo


This is Will Smith's umpteenth movie for his career. This movie is about cons and the "con of love" :P 

Will Smith plays Nicky Spurgeon, a very experienced con-man who meets and the recruits beautiful and sexy Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie).

They hit it off together professionally and romantically until an ultimate con where Nick cons a rich compulsive gambler and wins all he money.
After that, Nick leaves Jess without giving any reason.
3 years later, Nick is recruited in a con and sees Jess entertaining his employer, Rafael Garriga (Rodrigo Santoro) in the party. He approaches Jess and finds out she's working for Rafael and also his lover.

Nick is jealous and pursues Jess again. He manages to win her heart again and they go to bed together. Rafael's henchman, Owens (Gerald McRaney) almost manages to expose Nick and Jess together.

In the end, Nick manages to sell Garriga's secret fuel formula to competitors and earns millions. However, he is caught by Garriga and left for dead. Luckily or con-ningly, Owens turns out to be Nick's father, Bucky and saves Nick's life.
Bucky leaves Nick with the millions he earned but Nick and Jess are happily together again.
Watchability : 6 / 10 - not the best Will Smith movie but not the worse either.

Cast :
Will Smith     ...     Nicky
Margot Robbie     ...     Jess
Adrian Martinez     ...     Farhad
Gerald McRaney     ...     Owens
Rodrigo Santoro     ...     Garriga
BD Wong     BD Wong     ...     Liyuan
Brennan Brown     ...     Horst
Robert Taylor     ...     McEwen
Dotan Bonen     ...     Gordon
Griff Furst     ...     Gareth
Stephanie Honoré     ...     Janice
David Stanford     ...     Drunken Stranger
Dominic Fumusa     ...     Jared
Steve Kim     ...     Liyuan’s Bodyguard
Don Yesso     ...     Card Player / Football Coach
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