2015 Movie Review - American Sniper


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Published Date Written by Jason Loo

American Sniper
has gotten controversial reviews recently from everyone.
To me, it's a simple autobiography movie about Chris Kyle, a man who survived the horrors of war and managed to come back intact to his family. Unfortunately, and i don't think the director (Clint Eastwood) or actor playing Chris (Bradley Cooper) were expecting the unfortunate event that would follow.. Chris Kyle and a fellow veteran was killed by another war veteran who was being helped to recover from PTSD. That killer currently is awaiting trial.

No doubt this movie is about
Chris Kyle (real person as per picture below), known as the sniper who had the most recorded kills (160) in American military history and a colorful adventure in his sojourn in Iraq and who served 4 campaigns (10 years).

Honestly, I don't want to spoil the show by revealing too much details in this review.
However, if you are a fan of hero movies and one which is depicted based on true story, American Sniper is your movie.
To keep it short and simple, Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle from the beginning of his tour in Iraq, to his acumen and drive to keep his fellow soldiers safe, his relentless drive to capture the bad guy, his subsequent rise to the rank of Captain and even his marriage to his wife and family all brings together the essence of the movie.



Heroism and braveness is something rare and less often celebrated. In this case, I hope all the critics and political sides would stop hammering on the issues that have been brought up and view this movie purely as it is... 
American Sniper is an autobiographical movie and tribute to a family man and hero who sacrificed for his country and protected his fellow countrymen no matter what the stakes were and who managed to survive the horrors of war (but alas .. not the atrocity in his home country).

Watchability : 10 / 10 - please be reminded that the movies feature violent and graphical scenes and should parents should ensure underage kids avoid watching this movie.
Cast :
Bradley Cooper     ...     Chris Kyle

Kyle Gallner     ...     Goat-Winston
Cole Konis     ...     Young Chris Kyle
Ben Reed          ...     Wayne Kyle
Elise Robertson     ...     Debbie Kyle
Luke Sunshine     ...     Young Jeff Kyle
Troy Vincent     ...     Pastor
Brandon Salgado 
Telis          ...     Bully
Keir O'Donnell     ...     Jeff Kyle
Marnette Patterson     ...     Sarah
Jason Hall     ...     Cowboy
Billy Miller     ...     Navy Recruiter
Leonard Roberts     ...     Instructor Rolle
Jason Walsh     ...     Instructor #2
Reynaldo Gallegos     ...     Tony
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2015 Movie Review - The Interview


Category: Movies
Published Date Written by Jason Loo

Honestly, I might not have watched this movie if not for the recent hoo-ha caused by the hacker group, Guardians of Peace.
I guess everyone was curious to watch why that particular movie was targeted so seriously.
In all fairness, I like James Franc. This movie brings some comedic side of his many movie characters but it just doesn't make the mark as a must see film.
In fact, in my opinion, the second half of the movie made more like a B-grade movie, with blood and gore and violence all thrown into a smorgasbord of politics and spy nonsense.
Let's proceed with the synopsis of the movie. 

It's all about Dave Skylark (James Franco) in the "Skylark Tonight" show, produced by his best friend Aaron Rapaport who one days is told by another news producer that he did not have merits to pull it off as a proper news show.
Dave proposes that he interview Kim Jong-un, North Korea's dictator who is also a fan of the "Skylark Tonight" show. Aaron agrees to it and sends the request. He is asked to travel to China to set up the appointment. After traveling through various towns and villages, he is met at the top of the mountains in China by North Korean propagandist, Sook. The date of the interview is set and Sook flies off.
Later on, the CIA approaches Dave and Aaron to arrange an assassination by a transdermal strip (similar to a bandage strip) containing ricin. Dave is supposed to poison the dictator by virtue of a handshake. The strip is placed in a CIA bag but is replaced last minute by Dave. He hides the ricin strip in a chewing gum pack.

Upon their arrival in North Korea and being welcomed by Sook, they are sent to the North Korean dictator's palace where Dave meets Kim Jong-un. On the way, they stop at a junction and are shown a nice grocery store with a fat kid standing in front. Sook claims that North Korea is not facing any famine or poverty.
Once they reached the palace, Dave and Aaron is checked by two close bodyguards of the North Korean leader. The gum containing the ricin is discovered by one of the bodyguard and is tested inadvertently by the bodyguard. The CIA develops a an airdrop by a drone to deliver another batch of strips to Dave.
Aaron has to go out to the wilderness and collect it. In the process, he meets a tiger who is killed by the airdrop. Aaron is forced to hide the airdrop in his butt and manages to escape the scrutiny of the North Koreans.
Later on, Dave meets Kim Jong-un and they become the best of friends, developing a bromance that surpasses the friendship between Dave and Aaron.

Eventually, Dave discovers the truth and with the help of Sook and Aaron, manages to demoralise and causes shame to the North Korean dictator during his interview.
The 3 of them manages to escape the compounds of the palace in a tank but is chased by Kim Jong-un. In the end, the dictator is killed by a shell fired by the tank.
And there you have it, The Interview ....
Watchability : 3 / 10 - One of the not so refined movies that stars James Franco and Seth Rogen.
Cast :
James Franco     ...     Dave Skylark
Seth Rogen     ...     Aaron Rapaport
Lizzy Caplan     ...     Agent Lacey
Randall Park     ...     President Kim
Diana Bang     ...     Sook
Timothy Simons     ...     Malcolm
Reese Alexander     ...     Agent Botwin
James Yi          ...     Officer Koh
Paul Bae          ...     Officer Yu
Geoff Gustafson     ...     Cole
Dominique Lalonde     ...     Jackie
Anesha Bailey     ...     Janet
Anders Holm     ...     Jake
Charles Rahi Chun     ...     General Jong
Don Chow     ...     Two-Fingered Man
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