2015 Movie Review - Jupiter Ascending


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Directed by the The Wachowskis of The Matrix fame, this movie is currently getting negative reviews from critics.
However, looking at it objectively, the movie is trying to be new movie genre on its own, specifically the type associated with elaborate fantasy space storyline ala Cinderella and Lord of The Rings.
With elvish like aliens and hybrid human-werewolf creatures, there are plenty of similar features found in other movies.
The basic plot of the movie involves toilet cleaner lady, Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) who meets Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) and discovers she is the reincarnation of a deceased space empress, who owns an industrious space corporation (Abrasax) which in turn owns Earth and other planets.

It turns out Earth's inhabitants was planted by Abrasax for 'harvesting' purposes to create a liquid bath that provides revives the bather age and hence, immortality. As the Abrasax says, time is the most important commodity. It takes 100 humans to create one single vial of the liquid.
Jupiter of course disagrees with this and wants to protect Earth, especially from the Abrasax siblings, eldest Balem, beautiful Kalique and cunning Titus. There are other characters of course throughout the movie but most of them feature a shallow depth of character.

1. Balem

2. Kalique

3. Titus
In the course of claiming her inheritance, viewers are exposed to the administrative approval process which was  a waste of  viewer's time. That time could have been used more for developing the budding relationship between Jupiter and Caine.
In essence, though it tries to be an epic movie, it fails to satisfy and probably is a one-off watch. There are some interesting scenes of note such as the Gundam-like robot that Caine was piloting and the big space battleships. If only there were more battle scenes ....

Watchability : 4 / 10
Cast :
Mila Kunis     ...     Jupiter Jones

Channing Tatum     ...     Caine Wise
Sean Bean     ...     Stinger Apini
Eddie Redmayne     ...     Balem Abrasax
Douglas Booth     ...     Titus Abrasax
Tuppence Middleton...     Kalique Abrasax
Nikki Amuka-Bird     ...     Diomika Tsing
Christina Cole     ...     Gemma Chatterjee
Nicholas A. Newman...     Nesh
Ramon Tikaram     ...     Phylo Percadium
Ariyon Bakare     ...     Greeghan
Maria Doyle Kennedy...     Aleksa
Frog Stone     ...     Aunt Nino
David Ajala     ...     Ibis
Doona Bae     ...     Razo

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2014 Movie Review - The Equalizer


Category: Movies
Published Date Written by Jason Loo


In the first few moments in the movie, we are introduced to Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) who works in a Home Mart store and is helping his colleague to get a promotion to be a security guard.

Robert is potrayed by Denzel Washington as an unassuming worker in Home Mart, is alone at home and likes to frequent a corner street diner.
That's when the interesting portion of the movie starts. In the diner, besides Robert, there is always a teenage girl sitting at the counter. They make a connection somehow and form a friendship.

The girl's name is Teri (Chloe Grace Moretz of Kick-Ass fame). In this movie, she plays a girl forced into prostitution with clients by her Russian pimp, Slavi (David Meunier). Although she's sometimes treated roughly by her clients, Robert turns a blind eye until the day she does not come into the diner.
Robert learns that Teri has been admitted into the hospital after a bad beating by her pimp. Unable to stand aside, Robert walks into Slavi's den and kills him and all his gang of mobsters in the room. 

It is at this juncture we know that Robert is actually a very skilled assassin, probably the best at what he does. He's able to visualize in detail the surrounding environment and predict the movements of everyone. This allows him to kill the bad guys with precision using the available items within his grasp.
However, the situation gets worse because Slavi's boss Vladimir Pushkin (Vladimir Kulich) is threatened by the killings and orders his top lieutenant, Teddy (Marton Csokas) out find out who killed Slavi.

Eventually, Teddy finds out Robert is a CIA assassin who was presumed dead. Robert finds out more about Pushkin adn Teddy from his ex-wife who is working in the CIA.
In the end, there is a showdown between Teddy and Robert in the Home Mart where Robert works. You can guess who wins in the end .... 

... Oh .. and Robert goes to find Pushkin and ends it once and for all ...  :)
Watchability : 9 / 10 - entertaining movie that starts slow in the beginning, lets you wonder who Robert really is and bam ... once the action starts, it never stops. 
Cast :
Denzel Washington...     Robert McCall

Marton Csokas     ...     Teddy
Chloë Grace Moretz     ...     Teri
David Harbour     ...     Masters
Haley Bennett     ...     Mandy
Bill Pullman     ...     Brian Plummer
Melissa Leo     ...     Susan Plummer
David Meunier     ...     Slavi
Johnny Skourtis     ...     Ralphie
Alex Veadov     ...     Tevi
Vladimir Kulich     ...     Vladimir Pushkin
E. Roger Mitchell     ...     Lead Investigator
James Wilcox     ...     Pederson
Mike O'Dea     ...     Remar (as Mike P. O'Dea)
Mousis          ...     Jenny (as Anastasia Mousis)
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