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Parkour films have been getting popular as of late. This was evident with movies from the late Paul Walker's Brick Mansions and a few other movies the past few years.


Tracers is another such movie with the central theme focusing on a NYC bike messenger, Cam (Taylor Lautner) who gets involved with a parkour crew who commits crimes to get paid. The crew is headed by Miller (Adam Rayner). 

Cam's decision to join the crew is partly motivated by the debt he owes to Chinese loan sharks and partly a girl that he accidentally met, Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos, last seen in the tv series The 100).

Nikki is protected by her brother, Dylan (Rafi Gavron) and also turns out to be Miller's girlfriend. The final parkour job they perform results an almost deadly end for the crew.  
In the end, the hero gets the lady and all is set right.

In terms of a parkour movie, the cinema sights is great, focusing on the abandoned ship in the dockyard and also various rooftops of New York.
Watchability : 4 / 10
Cast :
Taylor Lautner     ...     Cam
Marie Avgeropoulos...     Nikki
Adam Rayner     ...     Miller
Rafi Gavron     ...     Dylan
Luciano Acuna Jr.     ...     Tate
Josh Yadon     ...     Jax
Johnny M. Wu     ...     Jerry
Sam Medina     ...     Hu
Amirah Vann     ...     Angie
Christian Steel     ...     Joey
Wai Ching Ho     ...     Chen
Chris Jackson     ...     Lonnie
Sean Rahill     ...     Messenger #1
Andrew Elvis Miller     ...     Messenger #2
Doua Moua     ...     Skinny Jeans

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