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Published Date Written by Jason Loo

In all honesty, The Maze Runnner could be likened to movies like The Hunger Games and Divergent. It is also based on another book series written by author James Dashner.

The protagonist is young Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) who is captured and wakes up in a massive area known as the Glade. He cannot doesn't have any memory of who he is but that will be slowly unlocked as the movie progresses.

As the Glade, he joins a group of inhabitants who cannot escape because of the surrounding stone wall maze that constantly changes. Plus there's also the beast who are a hybrid animal of sorts that hunts the escapees.
In the midst of all this, another girl, Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) shows up in the Glade with a note saying she's the last. Thomas finds a connection with her and Teresa feels the same too.

The final moments of the movie culminates in the inhabitants escaping the Maze but is captured but an unknown group, presumably the forces who built the Maze.
Watchability : 6 / 10 - I would like to catch the next sequel, if there is one.

Cast :
Dylan O'Brien     ...     Thomas
Aml Ameen     ...     Alby
Ki Hong Lee     ...     Minho
Blake Cooper     ...     Chuck
Thomas Brodie-Sangster...     Newt
Will Poulter     ...     Gally
Dexter Darden     ...     Frypan
Kaya Scodelario     ...     Teresa
Chris Sheffield     ...     Ben
Joe Adler          ...     Zart
Alexander Flores     ...     Winston
Jacob Latimore     ...     Jeff
Randall D. Cunningham...     Clint
Patricia Clarkson     ...     Ava Paige
Don McManus     ...     Masked Man
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