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Alan Turing might not be a familiar name to some. But a study of history during World War 2 finds mention of his name.
According to Wikipedia, Turing was a British and a brilliant man. He is characterized as a "computer scientist, mathematician, logician .." and a string of others (you can refer to  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Turing). 
Many hailed him as as the code breaker of the most important breakthrough during WWII, the Enigma code which was being used by the Germans to encrypt all their communications.
The movie is set in Britain and what is interesting about this movie is the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch has been on a roll this few years with a string of movies (Star Trek) and tv series (Sherlock Holmes) that has added to his success.
His characterization of Alan Turing is commendable and cannot be denied that he adds credence to the movie and the man he portrays.
The other interesting character is that of Keira Knightley's Joan Clarke, who is the female star and provides the relationship angle in this movie, which otherwise could have been just about a boring autobiographical movie.

The other characters in Alan's team plays a supporting role which complements some of the dry moments in the movie. There is excitement injected in the movie when Alan finds out who the spy is in his team.

There is of course, Christopher the namesake he gave to his code breaker machine. It reminds him of his love interest in another man during his younger days.
Now, the movie goes on beyond to show the life of Alan Turing after the success of Christopher and this is where things get bleak and makes you wonder the world that he was living in during that time.

It shows the injustice of him getting 'chemically castrated' due to his gayness (and he was officially pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II in August 2014). His health, mentally and physically deteriorated until he committed suicide by cyanide poisoning.
I would like to share one last bit of quote from this movie, used by Alan Turing : "Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine."
Watchability : 8 / 10  : All in all, a good auto-biographical movie with super performances by the lead actor and actress and an interesting story about a man who contributed so much to his country but only to be incarcerated.
Cast :
Cumberbatch     ...     Alan Turing
Keira Knightley     ...     Joan Clarke
Matthew Goode     ...     Hugh Alexander
Rory Kinnear     ...     Detective Robert Nock
Allen Leech     ...     John Cairncross
Matthew Beard     ...     Peter Hilton
Charles Dance     ...     Commander Denniston
Mark Strong     ...     Stewart Menzies
James Northcote     ...     Jack Good
Tom Goodman-Hill     ...     Sergeant Staehl
Steven Waddington...     Superintendent Smith
Ilan Goodman     ...     Keith Furman
Jack Tarlton     ...     Charles Richards
Alex Lawther     ...     Young Alan Turing
Jack Bannon     ...     Christopher Morcom
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