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An animation based on Marvel's comic book superheroes that does not boast of superpowers or adult violence .. Big Hero 6 is a family-oriented animated movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
The movie is set in the fictional cit yof San Fransokyo and tells the story of young teen genius Hiro Hamada (voiced by Ryan Potter) who is a robotics fan. 

At the start of the movie, Hiro enters the illegal bot-fighting competition and his brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) tries to save him. However, Hiro is arrested in the end.

Hiro's aunt Cass bails him out and Tadashi arranges a visit with Hiro to the robotics lab where he works.
There, Hiro finds out what Tadashi and the rest of his colleague does and is impressed.
He wants to join the lab and work with the robotics team, comprising of cycling enthusiast GoGo Tamago (Jamie Chung); laser-blade specialist Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.); chemical-reactions expert Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez); and Fred (T.J. Miller), a shaggy-haired guy obsessed with freaks-of-nature happenings. The team is headed by the university's robotics Professor Callaghan (James Cromwell).
Hiro also meets Tadashi's invention, Baymax who is supposed to take care of humans. The heart of the movie is centered around Baymax and his programming to never hurt humans. This point is stressed throughout the movie and adheres to the classic Isaac Asimov robotic rules of never harming humans.

Before Hiro can join the team though, he must first present an innovative invention to be eligible.
After working tirelessly, he finally presents his project, microbots which has the potential to change the world. And here I would like to stress that it is not impossible to create this in the real world. Heck .. it might have already been invented.
However, when an explosion happens during the project presentation, Tadashi is killed when he goes in to save someone. Hiro is of of course devastated and hides himself.
One day, he accidentally activates Baymax and he is brought to a warehouse where he learns his microbots were not destroyed and were being mass-produced and controlled by a kabuki-masked man.



This is when the adventure and superheroic team of Big Hero 6 is formed with the five robotics team member including Hiro plus Baymax.

After that, most of the movie is about finding the man with the kabuki mask and the reason why he did it. In the end, the finale is not that surprising but it's still entertaining.
Watchability - 7 / 10 - recommended for kids especially those who love robots. The animation is top notch and is very colorful, the background of San Fransokyo is excellent and the animated characters are lively. Kinda reminds of me Astro Boy (if you haven't seen it, please do).
Cast :
Scott Adsit     ...     Baymax (voice)
Ryan Potter     ...     Hiro (voice)
Daniel Henney     ...     Tadashi (voice)
T.J. Miller     ...     Fred (voice)
Jamie Chung     ...     Go Go (voice)
Damon Wayans Jr....     Wasabi (voice)
Genesis Rodriguez...     Honey Lemon (voice)
James Cromwell     ...     Robert Callaghan (voice)
Alan Tudyk     ...     Alistair Krei (voice)
Maya Rudolph     ...     Cass (voice)
Abraham Benrubi     ...     General (voice)
Katie Lowes     ...     Abigail (voice)
Billy Bush     ...     Newscaster (voice)
Daniel Gerson     ...     Desk Sergeant (voice)
Paul Briggs     ...     Yama (voice)
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