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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (hereby known as DOPA) is a sequel to the 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes (hereby known as ROPA).
I guess movie aficionados would have watched it either in the cinema, paid tv, or even online. For me, I watched it twice.
The movie's premise is set 10 years after the pandemic that killed 90% of the world population. In San Francisco, the intelligent apes have built a community of their own isolated from the human population.
They are led by Caesar, who was the main ape in the first movie. Helping him are Koba, Rocket, Maurice and Luca. 

Caesar's son Blue Eyes and his friend Ash encounter a human, Carver (Kirk Acevedo) in the forest and in a fit of panic, Carver shoots and wounds Ash. Carver is joined by the humans among whom is Malcolm (Jason Clarke) and Ellie (Keri Russell). Caesar orders the humans to leave the forest and leave the apes alone.

However, upon Koba's persuasion, Caesar travels with an army of apes to the humans' dwelling in the city and warns them that the apes will fight to defend their home if harmed. The humans are led by Dreyfus (Gary Oldman) and he allows Malcolm to meet with the apes in order to get the dam's generator work and provide the humans with electricity.

Malcolm manages to reach a pact with Caesar and they slowly bond with each other. Meanwhile, Caesar's wife Cornelia falls ill and the ape doctors does not have a cure. Ellie manages to cure Cornelia and Caesar comes to trust the Malcolm and Ellie.

However, all this is soon destroyed by Koba who harbours a hatred for humans. He steals a human rifle and shoots Caesar from a hidden location. Caesar falls down from the ridge where he's standing. This causes the apes to go wild and Koba leads them to attack the humans.
The apes are pushed back at first but eventually runs over the city but Dreyfus manages to escape. Koba also imprisons those loyal to Caesar. 
Meantime, Malcolm and Ellie manages to find Caesar barely alive and brings him back to the city. Caesar's son Blue Eyes helps Malcolm and discovers his father alive.
In the end, Caesar manages to save the humans with the help of Malcolm and Blue Eyes, Koba meets an ending but the impending war cannot be avoided because humans were attacked by the apes.
Watchability : 7 / 10 - engaging storyline but you need to watch the fist movie to get a complete picture
Cast :
Andy Serkis     ...     Caesar
Jason Clarke     ...     Malcolm
Gary Oldman     ...     Dreyfus
Keri Russell     ...     Ellie
Toby Kebbell     ...     Koba
Kodi Smit-McPhee     ...     Alexander
Kirk Acevedo     ...     Carver
Nick Thurston     ...     Blue Eyes
Terry Notary     ...     Rocket
Karin Konoval     ...     Maurice
Judy Greer     ...     Cornelia
Jon Eyez          ...     Foster
Enrique Murciano     ...     Kemp
Larramie Doc Shaw     ...     Ash (as Doc Shaw)
Lee Ross          ...     Grey
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