2015 Short Food Review - Heritage Village @ Paradigm Mall


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Published Date Written by Jason Loo

20150223 191506

First impressions count and I was attracted to their menu upon browsing it. The restaurant is near Tesco, opposite the big 'kacang putih' kiosk.
Although their prices were slightly above average, I decided to try out their food.
I ordered the Kari Kapitan chicken with rice, otak-otak and iced honey lemon.
The service was ok and the ambience was comfortable. There were not too many people around since it was a working day.

20150223 185153
First off, the iced honey lemon was quite bland, wasn't much taste of honey and lemon in it.
Then, I tried the kapitan curry chicken. The chicken was tender, curry's taste was ok but it lacked spiciness while the otak-otak was well ... bland and lacks the usual otak-otak delicious texture and taste.

20150223 190000
Overall, the dining experience was mediocre. Hopefully, the food can be improved.

20150223 190347

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