2015 Short Food Review - Heritage Village @ Paradigm Mall


Category: Food & Beverages
Published Date Written by Jason Loo

20150223 191506

First impressions count and I was attracted to their menu upon browsing it. The restaurant is near Tesco, opposite the big 'kacang putih' kiosk.
Although their prices were slightly above average, I decided to try out their food.
I ordered the Kari Kapitan chicken with rice, otak-otak and iced honey lemon.
The service was ok and the ambience was comfortable. There were not too many people around since it was a working day.

20150223 185153
First off, the iced honey lemon was quite bland, wasn't much taste of honey and lemon in it.
Then, I tried the kapitan curry chicken. The chicken was tender, curry's taste was ok but it lacked spiciness while the otak-otak was well ... bland and lacks the usual otak-otak delicious texture and taste.

20150223 190000
Overall, the dining experience was mediocre. Hopefully, the food can be improved.

20150223 190347

2015 Food Review - Souper Tang @ Midvalley


Category: Food & Beverages
Published Date Written by Jason Loo

20150201 141411

During the long weekend last week, my family and I dined at this new restaurant named Souper Tang (previously known as Taang Shifu)
 in Midvalley. It is located upstairs opposite the Magnum Cafe and besides the busy and packed Madame Waffle (will be trying that next time).

20150201 141231

We browsed through the menu and found that it offered some healthy soupy alternatives to the everyday food you can find in Midvalley.

 20150201 142645 20150201 142617 

The prices seemed reasonable so we decided to hop in and try out the food. My wife ordered the Simmered Sesame Chicken Pot (RM 15.90) with rice and soup and I ordered the Mee Suah with Herbs and Ginger Wine (RM 15.90)
We ordered also Red Date and Longan tea which was sweet and enough for two persons. For dessert, the photo of the "tau foo fa" looked enticing so we ordered the Caramel Soya Bean Curd.
The service was quite fast and the tea came first. The tea was good and sweet, nourishing before the start of a meal. 

20150201 141540
I have always craved for mee suah approaching Chinese New Year and when mine came, I was delighted. The smell was aromatic, mee suah tasted good and the soup was flavorful.

20150201 141519

Depending on your preference though, the soup was tad bitter but bearable probably due to all the herbs and ginger wine.

20150201 142130
Next came the Sesame Chicken rice dish for my wife. I tested it and it tasted nice. It blended well with the soup and rice.
Lastly came the soya bean curd and that was really the perfect ending to our meal in Souper Tang. The soya bean curd was smooth and slightly sweet. It came separately with a caramel sauce that can be poured into the tau foo fa but I preferred to eat it without the caramel.

20150201 144000

20150201 144035

All in all, a satisfying meal experience in Souper Tang. Planning to try out their double boiled soups next time :)

20150201 141430
Reference : 
Souper Tang,
T-043 & 043A, Midvalley (GSC cinema floor, upstairs opposite Magnum Cafe)
Opening hours : 10am to 10pm

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