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I remember back in the old days Western food restaurants were quite the fad. During that period, there were plenty of such restaurants in KL such as The Ship, Victoria Station, Roadhouse Grill, Eden etc. However, nowadays it seems to have been replaced by bistros and cafes such as Delicious, Chillis, Tony Roma and TGI Fridays. As time went by, even local restaurants offering western foods started sprouting e.g. Kaki Corner in Taman Billion, Cheras.

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A few weeks ago, my wife and I decided to go to Windmill which is situated in SS12  (opposite Sime Darby Medical Centre formerly SJMC). We decided to have our dinner there after our parenting class in SDMC. We ordered two sets, Chicken Maryland and the RM 39.90 set dinner consisting of cold salad appetizer, main course of roast spring chicken, sausage, fries and veges as well as an ice-cream and coffee/tea. Additionally, we also ordered a Mushroom soup.


First impressions count and the ambience and comfort of the seats and surroundings in Windmill really does remind me of being in a romantic environment. The decorations were alright and of course reminded us of how the inside of those old wooden ships are like ... kinda like dining in Capt Jack Sparrow's pirate ship :)

Anyway, the food was ok .. no complaints as this restaurant has been here for some time and the food quality has been quite consistent. First thing that was served to us after our order was the standard complimentary bun with butter. Then came the cold salad appetizer which was acceptable but nothing to shout about. Same as with the mushroom soup, which was warming to our starving bellies :P


Ahoy !! On to the main course, my serving of spring chicken was juicy and tender with lots of meat. The sauce that came with it was also sweet and savoury while the sausage was .. haha .. an add-on i guess to ensure the customer's belly is full. Added with the bountiful fries and vege, it was enough to make my belly quiver (..and expand). 



Next was my wife's serving of Chicken cooked Maryland style .. (dunno why they called it Maryland ... but it always reminded me of Mary had a little lamb ...). The whole plate was full of fried stuff .. fried chicken, fried banana fritter, mashed potato, veges and corn on cob. It took her some time to finish (half of it of course went to me :P).


Overall the price was reasonable for a meal in Windmill, it came to about RM 80. The setting is romantic (especially if you like to pretend to be a pirate couple :P) . Food was acceptable but nothing to shout about .. for couples, enjoy the atmosphere while for families, it's an ideal place to have once in a while family meals :)

Address :

10-12 Jalan Ss 12/1B,
Subang Jaya 47500, Selangor

Tel: 603-56318177 Fax: 603-56319509

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Map : http://wikimapia.org/3909934/Windmill-Restaurant





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