2015 Foodie Review - Nine Bowls Thai Boat Noodle @ Publika


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Published Date Written by Jason Loo

20150410 193122

My buddies and I were in Publika last week and we decided to eat in Nine Bowls Thai Boat Noodle, just next to Coffee Stain.
Mind you, this is my first time eating boat noodles and I have read the blogs of how small the portions were (though priced at RM 1.90). I have tried to avoid for fear I might stack up the empty bowls non-stop just like the picture below ...

20150410 200044
Pic : Stack of bowls for your pleasure
Alas, this did not happen, I only lasted 4 bowls plus portions of pork neck, pork skewer and spring roll thrown in.

20150410 193507
Pic : Noodles for your fancy
The boat noodles came in 3 flavors, namely Pork, Tom Yum and Beef. The basic difference between them are in the taste of the soup (besides the meat). Pork tastes more bland, Tom Yum spicy and I would say Beef is by far the most flavorful.
The pork necks were ok while the spring rolls were so so. The pork skewers were tender and juicy, probably tasted better than some skewers I have had :P

20150410 194740
Pic : Springrolls for the spring in your steps
There are other noodle dishes to try out if you do not want to have the boat noodles.
Overall, I would come back again if I wasn't very hungry :)

20150410 193144
Pic :  This is Nine Bowls Menu
Address :
D4-G3-2, Publika, Solaris, Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Garden @ The Gardens


Category: Foodie Review
Published Date Written by Jason Loo


Twas was a restaurant with a garden setting .. complete with green grasses and a piano in a cage ... hmm .. sounds like something from Wizard of Oz or something ya :P

In fact, Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe is situated in between the Midvalley Megamall and Gardens. The decorations are adequate and most enticing to customers who walk past the restaurant. It serves fine food dishes such as the one I had .. Chicken Chop (refer to picture). The chicken was tender and juicy although portion was small (for me that is :P).

I have noticed this restaurant around in One Utama and it's been in Midvalley for quite some time taking over from the previous tenant..

Overall, good setting and nicely decorated .. would have been nice if someone was playing the piano when we were there :)

DSC00594 DSC00603

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