R&R Makan Trip to PD Part 2


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Published Date Written by Jason Loo

This is part 2 of my PD trip foodie excursion .. for part 1, please click >> here <<.

Continuing from where I left off ... after checking in and refreshing ourselves in the room, my wife and I decided to go to the weekend pasar malam situated near Seri Malaysia hotel, Batu 4 Jalan Pantai. GPS Coordinates as below :

N2 30.092 E101 50.248 

It was a big pasar malam, most of the stalls were operated by locals and we bought quite a number of food that we ate throughout the night.. this included nasi kerabu, nasi lemak, roti john and sate ayam.

DSC00265 DSC00266

So, night came and we strolled around a bit around the hotel,enjoying the sight of the boats, the wind and the sky. After a while, we decided it was time to sleep and ZZZZ we went.

The next day, we woke up early for the buffet breakfast included with the hotel. One thing to note, the buffet isn't something to shout about. It comprised of typical breakfast food such as half boiled eggs, self toast bread, scrambled eggs, sausages, orange juice etc.

However, that was enough to fill our tummies. We lingered around the hotel room for a while before we decided to make the journey back home. On the way back, we knew that there was a famous curry chicken bun restaurant in Lukut so we decided to hop by and ta pau the curry chicken bun. It was humongous and looked quite like my belly :P

DSC00297 DSC00298

The cost was RM 25 (although there were mention of a smaller size bun at RM 20) and it was well worth it. The chicken were plenty, curry was awesome and bun was .. well a bun to dip into the curry. Suffice to say, that whole bun lasted for 3 days as me and my wife couldn't finish everything immediately. So to me, it was food upon which money was well spent :)

DSC00299 DSC00303
DSC00304 DSC00306

Lucky Seafood PD Restaurant
No. 4366, Taman Aman, Jalan Besar

71010 Lukut, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Tel: +606 6512392
GPS Coordinate:  2°34’7″N   101°49’41″E

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R&R Makan Trip to PD Part 1


Category: My Life
Published Date Written by Jason Loo

This is part 1 of my PD trip foodie excursion ..

DSC00235 DSC00240
DSC00242 DSC00243
Subsequently, my wife decided to get a haircut opposite Min Kok (ya .. in Seremban) .. which according to her was cheaper than KL rate. Anyway, i liked the end result of it so i would say it was money well spent.

With an hour past after her haircut, we decided to see if there's any eatery nearby besides Min Kok. Since we were aiming for light food, we managed to find an Old Town Kopitiam nearby Terminal 2. Now, this Old Town is a two storey shoplot but only the upper floor was open when we went there on Saturday afternoon. We had the usual Old Town fare, toast bread and roti paratha with curry potato. 

I didn't take much shots of the food as it was typical Old Town food.
DSC00249 DSC00252

So, after that  I headed off to PD where we already booked a stay in Avillion Admiral Cove. Honestly, this is our second trip to stay in Avillion Admiral Cove as we found the rooms to be quite comfy, large and value for money.

Here are a few pics of our room and the excellent view of the sea.

 Other facilities which we explored was

1. The cove which had a few boats berthed as well as a couple of bungalows neatly situated at the waterfront.
2. Sizeable swimming pool which I believed will be quite suitable for families with children.

And that's it for this first parter of my trip, it was a restful and relaxing trip for me and stay tuned for the next part of my PD Trip :)

Update : Min Kok Address
DSC00256 DSC00257
DSC00260 DSC00259
Restoran Min Kok Dim Sum (Beside Era Square)
No. 7645, Lot 5990
Jalan Labu Lama
70200 Seremban

GPS Coordinates :
N2 43 35.2 E101 55 49.1
Last month I went to Port Dickson for a little R & R cum Makan trip. This was also probably the second time I used a GPS on my journey outstation. The first time was last year which was also to the same destination, PD :)

Last year, I used my Samsung Omnia 2 Garmin XT running on Windows Mobile 6.5. What I found out was that the lock was verry slow .. about 2 - 3 minutes to get a lock on. But, after the lock, it was smooth all the way. Garmin even had the resort destination I was going to.

This year around, I used the iPhone 3GS Papago M8. I turned on the location services and the lock was fairly fast (15 sec to 1 mins). Although at times, it did sort of hang and my wife had to restart the iPhone. All in all, it was a better hassle-free experience than my Samsung phone :P

Ok .. enough about GPSes. Let's get on to the part about our food stop in Seremban for dim dum :)

First stop on our way to PD was this big Dim Sum restaurant called Min Kok. Wife found it on the Net via a few blogs (below) and we used the Papago GPS which actually had the restaurant's name (Min Kok) listed in its directory. However, I still ended up possibly making a wrong turn and had to follow the GPS closely past a housing estate and school before we got back on the right track :P

Upon arriving at the dim sum place, we found that it's actually a big Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum in the morning and probably wedding dinners at night.

Since we were pretty hungry by the time we reached there, we proceeded to have a few dishes as below :

1. Siew Mai
2. Mini Pork ribs
3. Lobak koh
4. Loh Mai Kai
5. Hong Kong chee cheong fun
6. Fried Prawn roll

The prices were almost the same as KL prices (Taman Connaught) but I found the ingredients fresher and portions a tad bigger :) yummy yumm yum.. here are a few pics :

Updated :

Restoran Min Kok Dim Sum (Beside Era Square)
No. 7645, Lot 5990
Jalan Labu Lama
70200 Seremban

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