Birthday and Xmas in One U and Times Square


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Birthday birthday !

Celebrated the night before with my wife having a wonderful dinner and watching Narnia in One utama. Walked around a bit and was impressed by the Xmas decorations. A lot of effort went into preparing the set.

As for Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, it was a typical Narnian fare with lots of mythical creatures and heroes set in a fantasy world. It was a wonderful day celebrated on a good sunday. Times Square on Sunday was crowded with people. The Xmas decorations were all over the mall. Had lunch in Johnny's with their set lunch and it was good.

After that, we window shopped around and went back after that.

All in all a great birth day for me ! :)

11th December


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 11th Dec 2010

Had a great time in the evening with my wife at The Ship, Damanasara Uptown. It was a lovely meal, took their RM 69.90 set. The original set came with the following (if i recall correctly ) :

1. Paw paw cocktail (Shrimp cocktail)

2. Cinnamon pumpkin soup (changed to cream of mushroom soup)

3. Main course - Steak, Salmon or Lamb (changed to mixed grill)

4. Dessert - Ice-cream cake

5. Free gift


I ordered an 2 garlic breads as well since both of us were already starving when we reached the restaurant around 6pm. We took some photo shots outside and then went in to take our seat and order our meal. The restaurant was quite empty with only 2 other tables occupied when we were seated. My wife and I were wondering if the crowd was it (which speaks something about its meals). Contrary to our assumptions, diners started to come in around 6.15pm and it was very full by 7pm. Most of the diners comprised mainly of families and group of friends. It brought back memories of yester-years having western food with my family.

We ate our hearts out with the Paw-paw cocktail which is basically shrimp cocktail with salad and dressing. A nice combination which I finished in a few dashes into my mouth. The Cream of Mushroom soup that came was a bit of a let-down as it was quite diluted. The saving grace was that the soup was potently hot and made our tummies warm. Next came the garlic bread which was a long piece of bread covered with fresh garlic on top. It was a good combination with the soup.

The main course arrived which we changed from the set meal as we liked more variety. Thus, the meal that came was the Mixed Grill, with steak, lamb, sausage, chicken, sausage, turkey ham, sunny side up egg and veges. Now, before you readers start wondering if I ordered it for myself only.. the answer is NO. I was sharing it with my wife. We proceeded to divide the pieces of meat and vege and really ate our hearts out. The steak and lamb were asked to be done medium well, and they were just right for my tastes. I did ask for some Black pepper sauce to complement the meat and the waiter came arriving with a big cup of the sauce (which I later found out was charged RM 2).

Overall, we were quite full when we finished the main course and i could see stars and heavens from the full meal. Then came the Ship's ice-cream cake which was mocha-flavored with a piece of cake at the bottom. The taste was complimentary to our main course. Nothing compared to Baskin Robbin or Haagen Daz concoctions though :P Finally, the meal came with a free Xmas mug. It's quite a pleasant mug which will always remind me of the meal we had in The Ship :)

Later, we went to watch Narnia in One Utama. It was quite a show and felt like the first one i have watched in the cinemas since i joined my new company. It was a rather adventurous movie with most of the scenes at the sea. From my experience, the way it was filmed suggested that it was shot for 3D and later adapted for 2D viewing. That ended our evening and we proceeded to reach home at midnight with birthday greetings from my wife and friends.

Before I end this long blog ... I would like to take the chance to say thanks to my wife and friends who have made my life wonderful !! :)

Here's to another wonderful growing up year for me ... cheers to everyone :)

Photos after the jump . .see more n enjoy

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