Happy New Year 2011


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1st Jan 2011



Ahhhh . .a wonderful morning it is....new day in the new year.



Welcome to 2011, everyone :)


Hope everyone has made their new year's resolution and achieved theirs in the last year.


Another month from now and Chinese New Year will be here. Decorations are already in place

in most shopping complexes. Here is a summary of what I achieved in 2010 :




1. Adapted to family life

2. Moved in to our own condo

3. First time gave ang pows on CNY

4. Learnt deeper about Microsoft Sharepoint 2010

5. Learnt about Business Intelligence

6. Rolled off a project and subsequently moved to a new company

7. Learning about management

8. 10 hours days and nights working (except for weekends)


I think life could be short but not if one learns to experience the many things in life. The sensations,

the aromas, the smells, and everything that accompanies your daily routine.


Look around, open your eyes and watch as the faintest of sunlight starts to seep into your morning.

Breath the fresh air (or oxygen tank if you are living in a densely populated city).


New motto this year : Sense the vibe and dare the impossible, challenge your yourself

and make your dreams a reality :)


New Year’s resolution this year :


1.    Save better, spend less

2.    Get a new phone by year-end

3.    Fine-tune management skills

4.    Improve project management skills

5.    Gain deep technical knowledge on phone app programming



Happy New Year 2011 ... and have a jolly good year ahead :)

Xmas Over, New Year approaches


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On mOnday morning at 1 am, I was still awake thinking about what an eventful year it has been.

While working on a presentation, I thought of a poem .. here is how it goes ..

All in all, I had a so so year with the usual ups and downs. None more significant than taking a user managerial role overlooking several key systems in customer service. The experience thus far has been rather enriched, adding to my skills and knowledge. Every organization has its own hierarchy and culture. It boils down basically to the people you manage. I am lucky and happy that the people I work with are hard-working and committed to their jobs. As someone once told me, whatever and however you work as, ensure the knowledge gained is a boon and an asset to you.

This is so much true in the corporate world. Lots of things to learn and engagements to fulfill. It's been a somewhat smooth ride so far, remains to be seen what the new year will bring. But I would say this, itz going to be a rockingly exciting one in terms of working towards goals and ambition :)

Alright, enough of my ramblings i say ... here are some pics from the Xmas decorations in shopping malls .. enjoy and Happy Belated Xmas and a Happy New Year to everyone :)


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