If I Were the Green Hornet


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If I Were the Green Hornet 


1. Tattoo my face, not hide behind a mask

2. Pack a 12-gauge pump shotgun

3. Wear a cooler suit

4. Invent the mother of all trucks (ram and roll over criminals)

5. Expand Green Hornet Enterprises worldwide

6. Have a motto - "Mess with the Green Hornet and that will be the last thing you ever do in your sorry pathetic life..."

7. Control the city's mobs

8. Surrounded by plentiful hot and sexy women

9. Become mayor or head of the country

10.Control the stock markets


Green Hornet



Coincidences ?


Category: My Life
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World of coincidences ?


Birds have been falling out of the sky in thousands in Arkansas, USA. This was in Yahoo News today ..



No one knows the reason why yet ...

Also, a similar case of dead dishes has also occured in the vicinity of the Arkansas area (refer to same story above).


Coincidences or not ? ... who knows ... But imagine if laptops were to fall from the sky


or if the sky were to fall...


skyfall ==> skysplat


Now that will be Big News :P

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