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Being in a new environment with responsibilities to manage multiple teams and systems brings a certain level of challenge to my career. The current job role that I am in provides an eye opener to the management path in future.

Let's look at it to some degree ..

Characteristics required
1. Firm and resolute decision making
2. Personal relationship with other depts or people
3. Sound knowledge of the industry domain
4. Technical and technology savvy
5. Project management skills
6. Ability to understand and to connect with staff
7. Ability to perceive and map out future roadmap for staff and products managed
8. Reassure mgmt you know what you are doing

Well, those are the 8 items which I have managed to capture during my tenure. Do hope those with more experience out there can provide more feedback.

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Feb 14th - Valentine's Day


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February 14th marks a special day that all couples will always remember every year. The day when the boys will shower affection on the gals with gifts and dinners. 

I wondered as to the existence of Valentine's Day... where, when, why, what  ? Thus, I decided to do some research online and thus begins my journey of discovery.

The beginnings of Valentine

1. Where ? ........ All stories point to the origin birth place of Rome.

2. When ? ....... According to history.com, the date was around 270 AD.

3. Why ? .....

There are several stories and even martyrs recognized by the Catholic church .. and there are Catholic and Protestant versions of the story.

However, the
common theme revolves around a priest who went against the emperor's orders. The orders were to stop marrying soldiers within the emperor's legion to increase the soldier efficiency (less focus on lower parts and more on the upper part ??). However, the priest did not agree and continued to perform the marriage ceremonies in secret.

Eventually, the priest was found out and was thrown into jail. There, he befriended the jailor's daughter and became very close. During his last days, it is widely believed that he sent a farewell note to the jailor's daughter with the title "From Your Valentine" ... and that's how all the Valentine's Day started.

4. What ? ..... Nowadays, besides the usual greeting cards and teddy bears, there are different forms of Valentine's gifts. Below is the list of some of the interesting ones :

a. Two Handed Hand Huggers

b. Heart Shaped Jacuzzi

c. Heart Shaped Kitchen Sink

d. 2 Person T-Shirt

e. Glowing Roses

f. Heart Car

g. Fundies

h. TwoDaLoo

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