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The past 3 weeks has been seen myriad of natural disaster-related news on the recent earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11th.

The earthquake was a shattering 8.9 - 9.0 on the Richter scale, making it one of the most powerful one this century has seen. It has also caused countless loss of life amid unprecendented damage to buildings, biological environment as well as the livelihood of people who live in those areas affected.

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Even now, radiation seems to be swelling from the ruptures of the nuclear reactors hit by the tsunami and earthquakes. Brave souls are the Land of the Rising Sun stays sterile and not polluted by a possible radiation holocaust.

Let us pray and hope that the most advanced nation in Asia and the 3rd largest economy in the world is able to hold its ground against such natural disaster of epic proportions.

May lessons learnt not be forgotten and be used to plan and build for a better foundation to prevent the effects of such a catastrophe be felt by innocent

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MBA Studies


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Got an enquiry recently from an online forummer regarding MBA studies. I decided to share my answers to the people reading my blog also :)

Australian MBA vs UK MBA

a) Australian MBA is more like our local studies .. more on doing the work rather than thinking .. it's also divided into 3 semesters

b) UK MBA .. .more expensive but more value in terms of stimulating critical and independent thinking .. divided into 2 semesters

For me, I was studying Australian MBA with SEGI Summit USJ (now it has its own building).

How do u find study MBA? Is it hard?

1. Depending on whether you are taking part-time or full-time.

a) Part-time .... most of your weekends for 2 years will be spent on studying, working on assignments and group study.
b) Full-time ... if you can afford the luxury, then i advise to go full-time coz u will need only one year to complete

The hard part is not the studying part but more on the time you will need to spend on studying .. the subjects taught are relatively common sense with some methodology introduced that focuses on specific parts of the business world.

Hope this info has helped you .. .. plz leave comments if you have any feedback.

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