Economic Sense of a Haircut


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Published Date Written by Jason Loo

I have always believed a nation's CPI is not measured by a basket of goods but by the most basic and fundamental services offered.

One good indicator is the Indian barber that I usually go to. The price for a normal haircut went up from RM 10 to RM 12 starting April 1st. This represented a 20% increase in price from the many times I have gone to barb my hair. To me, it's a just increase as prices of almosteverything has elevated since the last few years.

Here are some reasons why i think it's a good indicator :

1. It's a basic paid service used by everyone
2. The service offered is better than average barbers (sterile equipments, blow dryer, wet towel, massage and good hair cut).
3. Shop premises is within vicinity of one of the most 'high' cost areas in Klang Valley.
4. Nicely decorated and brightly-lit premises (indicating an orderly operation).


There you have it, the economic sense of Jason :)

Looking back at some basic prices include the normal 'kosong' packet of nasi lemak which cost about RM 0.80 which costs about RM 1.20 now (50% jump)... this I will most probably be lamenting to my children about in the years to come, just like my parents lamented to me :P


Also, ice-creams .. ahhh ... the wonderful frozen milky concoction created by dunno-who but which has captured the taste buds of children and adults alike. I remember a person can get a typical stick (not cone) for about RM 0.60, with nice chocolate coating and vanilla / lemon filling. Nowadays it costs about RM 1. 'Loose' sweets usually sold separately in sundry shops & mamaks has increased from RM 0.10 for 3 to RM 0.10 for 2 sweets.


Enough about food . .that has made me water my mouth :P

Back to other basic services besides foods .. here are some others (bear in mind prices recollected from my precious brain of 33 years).
1. Shopping Mall toilet costs (some not all malls charge for Nature Answering services) - RM 0.20 to RM 0.50
2. Stamp costs for normal snail mail has risen from RM 0.20 to RM 0.30
* Correction here thanks to friendly Stranger who reminded me that stamp costs RM 0.60 (previously RM 0.30).

3. Star Newspaper - RM 1 to Rm 1.20

snailmail toilet

Are the prices justified ? ... find out in the next installment of Jason's Economic Sense.

Till then, see ya and have common sense when spending :)