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Pentax K30 : Short Review + First Pics


Category: My Life
Published Date Written by Jason Loo

Short Review :


Initial look and feel of the camera is really good. Owners of the K5 might protest but I felt it's a much better fit for my hands with the 18-135WR.

Low-light performance is way much better than my K100D and it allows me to explore other photographic avenues. I do miss the top LCD though. I have always referred to the handy display at the top and it saves a lot of time. Alas, I am getting used to the rear LCD display. One minor gripe is the Live View cum Delete button. Usually delete button is located at the right of the rear LCD display but this time it's a stand alone button on the top left (near the viewfinder).

The blue color really accentuates the DSLR and it's a glossy finish that might catch some eyes. The viewfinder with the rubber cup is comfortable on my eyes (with glasses) and poses no discomfort at all.

Currently, the few pics I took using AV mode shows that auto-focus is fast especially with the 18-135WR (with Internal Focus motor). With a Sandisk Ultra 2GB, shooting speed is fast and when in Continuous shooting mode, I am able to capture numerous 'good' photos of my ever active daughter.

The Eneloops that I am using is able to last for about 400+ shots while I have yet to test the provided Li-Ion battery. I have not tested the built-in flash as well since the low-light performance is remarkable (personal opinion).

That's it then for my short review ... hopefully you have found it useful :)  


First pics of my Pentax K-30 (Blue) :


2011 Achievements


Category: My Life
Published Date Written by Jason Loo

Happy New Year to everyone .. hope you are refreshed and ready to roll out for 2012 (for a few more weeks at least till CNY) :)

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