July 2021 Post

July 2021

So it’s now July 2021, the start of Q3 2021. Time flies so fast and its been an interesting quarter.

Here is what I have been doing so far..


PMI Malaysia chapter

Started a volunteer journey with fellow PMI Malaysia chapter members and hope to learn and impart knowledge to others along the way.

Webinars, interactive events, talks and lots more will be happening soon.

Its been an interesting ride and hope to see fellow project managers to change the local chapter.

Visit the website (https://pmi.org.my/) to find out more and join me and the local chapter for more sharing and events.


Agile skills

  1. Scrum mastering for multiple products and squads are totally different experiences.
  2. The dynamics of a agile squad defers from person to person and expectations.
  3. The scrum master responsibilities are however, the same (as per illustration below).
  4. Stay tuned for a more in-depth article on this 🙂


Technical skills


  1. Started learning Flutter on my off times to further my understanding of full stack development. Still learning the basics and its interesting how so much can be done from command line nowadays.
  2. Next step is to learn the advanced CRUD functions and see where this takes me.
  3. Again, stay tuned for more this later on.

Azure DevOps

  1. DevOps is a particular interesting topic and to me a discipline. It is very relevant in today’s modern age of agile product releases.
  2. Go to Microsoft Learn to start your course on Azure DevOps to learn about how to use Boards and Pipelines to manage the development workflow and CI/CD – Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (and Deployment)
  3. The course is easy to follow but remember that you will need to have free subscription in Azure (which will need a credit card). Overall, if you are interested to learn CI/CD and DevOps, it is not a lot you have to pay but just remember to disable the websites and pipelines you created during the course when you are not using it.
  4. Also, you can set alert and budget for the subscription so you will be notified if anything goes beyond your budget.
  5. So, if you are interested to get started, click here to start your Microsoft course.

That’s all for this month. Do continue reading my blog for more articles and thank you for reading.

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